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Warner Brothers Defends the Use of Convict Labor in “Dunkirk” Set Construction Work

“When any worker is under the control of the state—in prison, on probation, etc.—they have little power on the job,” Pulitzer Prize-winning prison historian Heather Ann Thompson told Payday Report. “They can’t demand prevailing wages and safe workplaces. And despite their protestations otherwise, that is exactly why companies hire men and women under correctional control.”

Post-Gazette Byline Strike Will Determine #PA18 Race & Immigration Coverage – 84% White Newsrooms Playing Into DACA Defeat – W.V. Teachers Strike

This week’s Payday goes out to our 150 reporters at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, members of the Pittsburgh NewsGuild, who are currently engaged in a byline strike. The union has also filed unfair labor practices charges with the National Labor Relations Board claiming that the Post-Gazette’s owner, Toledo-based Block Communications, has unilaterally imposed health care costs on the union outside of the scope of collective bargaining.