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Since March of 2020, Payday Report’s Strike Tracker has documented more than 3,000 strikes. Our work covering these walkouts has had an enormous impact, with NPR to The New York Times to The Washington Post citing our reporting. 

Boots Riley, who directed the hit film “Sorry to Bother You,” also extensively praised our work in noting the strike wave when few people did. 

“You could count on one hand the number of outlets, whether they’re mainstream or radical, that pushed this fact,” Riley said of our work tracking more than 3,000 strikes since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Esquire called our work tracking the strike wave “invaluable,” and PBS American Portraits, Vice, and Columbia Journalism Review have all profiled our trailblazing work tracking the strike wave. 

CNN’s W. Kamau Bell partnered with Payday Report to film a CNN documentary on white supremacy and environmental racism in Pittsburgh that was later nominated for an Emmy.

We raised $96,000 in 2020 with 85% of it coming directly from readers. We are able to do the type of reporting that no other publication does because we are funded primarily by workers.

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