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Founded by former Guardian and Politico labor reporter Mike Elk, Payday Report is the only media outlet to build an interactive striking map (over 400 strikes at last count), and it’s having a tremendous impact on how the media covers frontline workers. 

The map was cited as an inspiration for a segment on NPR on how the mainstream media was ignoring strikes in the wake of the pandemic. 

We may be a little yinzer labor publication from Pittsburgh, but we have enormous impact and broad international reach.

Our COVID strike tracking map and coverage has won wide praise from NPR’s On the Media, The Economist, Vice, and was labeled “invaluable” by Charles Pierce of Esquire

The New York Times has even cited our work four times in just the past year. 

Major local publications like  The Houston Chronicle, The Mississippi Clarion-Ledger, The Louisville Courier-Journal, and The Memphis Commercial-Appeal, among others, have cited us. 

As more publications cite us, our subscriber base is growing rapidly; 34% in just two months. Our recurring donor base has also grown by 53% in just over two months, as our overall donations have grown by 42%. 

In 2018, we raised $45,000 from our readers. In 2019, we raised nearly $70,000 in reader donations. Now, we are on target to raise close to $100,000 if can only keep the content going over a market that we have covered.

What we need is more funding so we can hire more reporters at ethical and transparent rate of $32-an-hour. Thank you for donating and making Payday’s work possible.

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