Ski Resort Workers to Strike in Park City – Buffett’s Special Metals Threatens Layoffs Against WV Strikers – Chicago Teacher Lockout Enters 2nd Week

Park City ski patrol workers are preparing to strike (Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association)


It’s Melk. Greetings from the Burgh, where my COVID recovery is entering its fourth week and I am slowly getting back to covering the strike wave. A lot has happened in the three weeks I’ve been off and I hope to get folks up to speed quickly. 

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Special Metals in WV Permanently Lays Off a Quarter of Workforce

Last October, 450 Steelworkers went on strike at the Warren Buffet-owned Special Metals in Huntington, West Virginia. 

For more than three months, the company demanded workers take cuts to healthcare, forcing some to pay as much as $700 a month. The company also demanded that crucial union and seniority rights be stripped from the contract. 

The company is still playing hardball on union rights and healthcare costs but now, in an effort to pressure the union to settle, Special Metals sent layoff notices to 75 of the steelworkers at the facility. 

“We’ve been bargaining since October, so to get layoff notices is a tough blow,” United Steelworkers Local 40 Chad Thompson told WOWK. “ [We] will try to negotiate to see what [they] can do to stop it and keep those people working.”

(For more see Payday’s on-the-ground report from November “Huntington Steelworkers Dig In for Multi-Month Strike at Warren Buffet’s Special Metals.”)

Just late last month, the strike escalated to national attention when owner Warren Buffet rejected Bernie Sanders’ plea to get involved in mediating a settlement to the three-month strike.

Vail Ski Resorts Prepares for Strike

In Utah, ski instructors at Vail Resorts-owned Park City ski resorts, who start at $13 an hour, are preparing to go on strike this month. 

The effort is led by the Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association, which represents 170 members at the Vail Resorts-owned resort. They have already collected $77,000 on the union’s GoFundMe strike fund since Christmas. 

With the union publicly preparing to strike, the union posted on its Instagram a leaked email from a ski patrol leader at a Vail Resort-owned ski resort in New Hampshire that offered scabs replacement workers $600-a-day to work and travel expenses to work at the Vail Resort-owned Park City facility if ski patrollers do go on strike. 

The union was outraged by the offer. 

“We hope any patroller who receives such a message understands the fight we are taking on for our co-workers, families, and patrollers everywhere,” the union wrote an Instagram post, urging other Vail Resorts to apply to work as scabs at their Park City facility. “Please help us by continuing your strong work at your home resorts.”

When asked about the hiring offer for scabs by the Salt Lake Tribune, Vail Resorts said that the email offer was not authorized directly by upper management, but that they were preparing for contingencies in the event of a strike.  

For more, check out The Salt Lake Tribune.

Chicago Teachers Lockout Enters the Second Week 

With Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot attempting to force public school teachers to return to the classroom, she has stopped paying teachers who are insisting on the right to teach remotely. The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) have dubbed the move as a “lockout.” 

Lightfoot disagreed and blasted the teachers’ union for not prioritizing the students.

“CTU leadership, you’re not listening,” Lightfoot and [Chicago Public Schools] CEO Pedro Martinez said in a statement. “The best, safest place for kids to be is in school. Students need to be back in person as soon as possible. That’s what parents want. That’s what the science supports. We will not relent.”

But CTU has dug in and is rallying community support behind it. 

“[Lightfoot] also has dug herself into a hole by continuing to insist that even a day of remote learning harms our students,” CTU said in a statement on its Facebook page. “Yet, she has denied students four entire days of instruction and allows her own staff to work remotely. And she stubbornly refuses to set any metric that could trigger a district-wide pause to in-person instruction. We are caravaning to show the mayor and the City we are united and strong.”

For the latest, check out the Chicago Sun-Times

Strikes & News Happening Elsewhere

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