Retail Workers Union Fights Back Against ICE Raid on Meatpacking Plant in Ohio


Writing for the Guardian, Payday Senior Labor Reporter Mike Elk filed a dispatch on how the retail workers’ union is fighting back against an ICE raid on a meatpacking plant in Salem, Ohio:

The RWDSU has set up a resource center in the basement of St Paul Catholic church in Salem, providing food, diapers and gift cards to families that have lost their breadwinners. The union is also giving workers access to immigration and workplace safety attorneys.

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“We are all family and we are all one, and if one of us is down, we are all gonna be there to help pick up,” said Juan Moscoso, an immigrant from Peru working as a shop steward at a nearby sister plant in Ohio. “We are a union and we are going to stand for one another.”

For more, go to the Guardian.

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Mike Elk is an Emmy-nominated labor reporter and alumni of the Guardian. In addition to filing over 1,800 stories from 46 states, Elk was the only American reporter in the room with Lula on the morning of the election & traveled with him to the Oval Office. Credited by the Washington Post for being the first reporter to track the strike wave systematically, Elk started Payday Report using his NLRB settlement from being illegally fired for union organizing in 2015. He lives in his hometown of Pittsburgh and works frequently in Rio de Janeiro, where he attended college at PUC-Rio. He speaks both Portuguese and Pittsburghese fluently. His email is [email protected]

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