NPR’s “On the Media” Cites Payday’s Strike Tracker & Media Critique


Our little worker-funded publication and crowdsourced strike map is holding the mainstream media accountable. 

Yesterday, NPR’s show “On The Media” cited on-air on Payday’s Strike Tracker Map. 

“A labor site called “Payday Report” has tracked more than 150 strikes since the beginning of March, but the media’s gaze has been captured by the spectacle of placard-wielding citizens risking your health and yours to demand freedom from lockdown,” said “On The Media” host Bob Garfield on-air yesterday. 

Garfield and Wired staff writer Emma Grey Ellis then discuss the media’s disportainate coverage of astroturf ReOpen rallies vs. the much larger, more organic strike wave. 

Check out the clip, which starts around the 17:40 mark here. 

Thanks everyone, our organizing has forced the mainstream media to critique itself in their bastion of power; NPR. 

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Mike Elk
A protege of the late Bill Greider, Mike Elk is an Emmy-nominated labor reporter who covered the labor movement & the drug war in Brasil and spent years covering union organizing in the South for The Guardian. In 2016, he used his $70,000 NLRB settlement from being fired in the union drive at Politico to start the crowd-funded Payday Report. The son of United Electrical Workers (UE) Director of Organization Gene Elk, he lives in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Email: [email protected]

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