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It’s my 35th birthday, I just got out of the hospital yesterday with a rare stomach bacteria that made me ill for 2 months and all I want for my birthday is to be able to afford healthcare.

Now, I find myself as a self-employed person, worrying about paying for healthcare instead of relaxing and recovering from a painful stomach illness that’s inflicted me for 2 months. 

Already combined with premiums and copays for chronic conditons, I am paying $600-a-month for healthcare costs. Now, my bills are gonna go up even more as I get specialized gastrology costs and receive treatment. I am worried about how I am going to pay for healthcare this month. 

So please if you can, donate a few bucks so I don’t have to worry about healthcare on my 35th birthday. Hopefully, we can raise a $1,000 to create a good cushion so I can recover from this illness.  

And sign up as one of our 594 recurring donors today – recurring donorships creates the most sustainable base of funding. 

Thanks for all the support. My readers mean so much to me – thank you so much. Keep on keeping, thanks so much for your solidarity – we’re building so much. 

Love & Solidarity, 


Recurring Donation

One Time Donation

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Mike Elk
A protege of the late Bill Greider, Mike Elk is an Emmy-nominated labor reporter who covered the drug war in Brasil and spent years covering union organizing in the South for The Guardian. In 2016, he used his $70,000 NLRB settlement from being fired in the union drive at Politico to start the crowd-funded Payday Report. The son of United Electrical Workers (UE) Director of Organization Gene Elk, he lives in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Email: [email protected]

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