IATSE Officials Call Alliance Offer a “Nothingburger” as Strike Looks More Likely


We wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening with the IATSE strike. 

After IATSE members announced on Monday that 89% of IATSE’s 59,000 members voted by a 98.68% margin to strike, the Alliance for Motion Picture and Television Producers returned with a new offer for the union. 

However, one IATSE official told Variety that the new proposal was a giant “nothingburger.” Both sides remain at the bargaining table and are working around the clock to see if a deal is possible.

Industry insiders on both sides think that if a deal is not reached this week, a strike could be imminent. 

“The ball is in their court,” IATSE President Matthew Loeb told Variety. “If they want to avoid a strike, they will return to the bargaining table and make us a reasonable offer.” 

If a deal isn’t reached, Loeb has the authority from the union to call a strike vote at any time. 

We’ll keep you updated on any news that might develop in the coming days as Payday prepares to cover this potential landmark strike. 

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