Uber Drivers Strike in New York City – Akron Teachers Still at the Bargaining Table – Coffin Workers Strike in England 

Uber drivers gather for a noontime rally in Manhattan on Jan. 5. (NY Taxi Workers Alliance via Twitter)


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Uber Drivers Strike in New York City

In New York City today, Uber drivers across the city are striking over Uber’s refusal to give a pay increase.

Under New York city law, Uber is required this year to give workers a 7% per minute and 23% per mile pay increase. The pay increase would amount to $1,000-a-month raise for many drivers. Uber is currently suing to block the pay increase.

“Uber, in the middle of the night, snatched this raise out of the drivers’ hands to put it in their own pockets. Meanwhile, in the same lawsuit Uber has filed to stop this raise for the drivers, they’ve admitted that they’ve been charging the public in New York City 48% more since 2019,” Bhairavi Desai, the executive director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance told Democracy Now. 

For more, check out Democracy Now. 

Akron Teachers Still at the Bargaining Table 

In Akron, teachers are at the bargaining table as they threaten to strike on Monday.  The union says that the main reason motivating a strike is safety-related. 

“They want to force teachers to accept more violent, disruptive and abusive behavior,” Akron Education Association attorney Don Malarcik told the Akron Beacon-Journal. 

For more, check out the Akron Beacon-Journal

Gas & Food to Cover Akron Teachers’ Strike 

With the teachers set to strike in Akron, Payday is hoping to cover it. However, covering strike is expensive. We need to for gas, food, hotels etc. 

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If they don’t strike, we will use the money to cover labor elsewhere. 

Coffin Workers Strike in England 

Finally, coffin workers in the UK are out on strike this week. As inflation is at 11% in the UK, Co-op coffin makers say that they were only offered an 4% raise. The workers say that they are determined to hold the picket line. 

“Unite’s members are resolute and they continue to show their determination in this fight. The Co-op’s management is clearly trying to break its own loyal workforce, but Unite will back our members all the way in their fight for better jobs, pay and conditions,” Sharon Graham, Unite’s general secretary told the Guardian. 

For more, check out the Guardian. 

Strikes & News Happening Elsewhere 

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