Bolsonaro Supporters Invade & Vandalize Brazilian Congress & Presidential Palace

Bolonaro supporters vandalize Supreme Election Tribunal (Metropoles)

In Brasilia today, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters have invaded and vandalized the Brazilian Congress, the Brazilian presidential palace, and the Supreme Election Tribunal.

The image are quite startling. One video shows Bolsonaro supporters on the very stage where Lula was sworn in as president only a week ago.  

Another video shows Bolsonaro supporters vandalizing completely the Supreme Election Tribunal, which has brought criminal charges against several of Bolsonaro allies and is currently investigating Bolsonaro himself. 

Videos show that in several situations, the Brazilian military police (allies of Bolsoaro) allowed Bolsonaro supporters simply to enter the buildings. Some Brazilian police were photographed leaving their posts to buy coconut water.

In one viral video, police are shown smiling and taking photos with protestors as the Congress is ransacked.

On Monday, Bolsonaro’s former Justice Minister Anderson Torres was appointed Brasilia Secretary of Security by its local right wing governor. Torres then promptly left the country for the US. It appears that the Torres gave orders for military police to stand down and not prevent the takeover

An arrest warrant has been issued for Torres, who is in the US.

Some Brazilian police attempted to quell demonstrators and were beaten. One video shows a police officer being ripped off a horse and being beaten with clubs from a dozen Bolsonaro supporters.

Lula has issued a federal declaration that allows the Brazilian military to get involved in putting down far-right violence in Brazil’s capital.

Lula denounced the coup attempt and vowed to prosecute those who fiances, the buses and organizing efforts that brought thousands of Bolsonaro thugs to Brasilia. He also pledged to go after former President Jair Bolsonaro.

“There are several speeches by the former president encouraging this. And this is also his responsibility and the parties that supported him,” said Lula.

Meanwhile, ousted former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was spotted on video a few days ago , lost wandering a supermarket in Orlando, where he has fled as he faces potential criminal charges in Brazil.

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