Back in Rochester – More Videos from the Picket Line

We’re Back! On the road that is… Mike Elk and I back in Rochester, NY and we’re committed to covering this til the end. This means we’ll be pumping out videos, photos, and news stories here and on our twitter accounts. Follow me at @Zdroberts and Mike at @MikeElk to get the quick updates from the road. 

In our first quick video in Rochester Mike gives a concise summary of where the UAW/GM strike stands. 

The picket line has a bunch of new faces that we didn’t meet last time – like CWA’s Michael Gendron. He traveled with a small crew of union members 7 hours up from Long Island to show solidarity with the picketing UAW workers.

We’ve talked with UAW Local 1097 President Dan Maloney a bunch and each time he summarizes the situation quite well and not pulling a single punch. This time was no different.

Colin O’Malley of the local organization, Metro Justice spoke with us about a lot of things but he spoke to us about the two of Rochester’s largest employers, Kodak and Xerox. Both enormous companies that faltered and collapsed – one was unionized and one was not.

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