2 UAW Members at Chrysler Have Died of COVID-19

UAW members picket d in Rochester, New York (Zach D. Roberts)

This evening, the UAW announced that 2 UAW members employed at Chrylser have died of COVID-19.

“I can confirm that two UAW members who had tested positive, one at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant and one in Kokomo, at the Kokomo Transmission Plant (in Indiana), have passed. Both worked for Fiat Chrysler,” said UAW spokesperson Brian Rothenberg.

“At this time, that’s all the information I have,” he added.

Major manufacturers have faced criticism for remaining open long after other businesses have closed. The latest deaths help to underscore the high risks faced by many manufacturing workers, many of whom are being forced to work during COVID-19.

May their memories always be a blessing for union workers everywhere.

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