UE to Vote on Wabtec’s Proposed Deal – Reddit Moderators Strike – Hawaii Gas Strike Shuts Down Restaurants

UE members won the "right-to-strike" in a 2-month long strike (UE)


Greetings from the Burgh, where we are excited to announce that our story “Despite DeSantis Anti-Union Law, Florida’s Teachers’ Union Gains 5,000 Members” has garnered a million views on Twitter. 

UE to Vote Wabtec’s Proposed Deal

In Erie, UE Local 506 have agreed to put the company’s last, best, and final offer up for a vote; postponing a strike that could have begun this weekend. The details of the tentative deal have yet to be released.

So far, the executive council of UE Local 506 has yet to recommend that the membership vote on the deal. The union’s leadership will meet this week to debate whether or not they will recommend the deal. It must be clarified if the union’s leadership will recommend the deal. 

Reddit Moderators Strike 

A group of several hundred volunteer Reddit moderators, who run several of the major subreddits, have gone on a two-day-strike. The strike comes after Reddit announced that they would monetize their work by selling API access to it. 

“We understand that Reddit, like any company, must balance its financial obligations. However, we believe that the longevity and success of this platform rest on preserving the rich ecosystem that has developed around it.” Reddit moderators wrote in a collective letter posted to the Moderator Coordination subreddit. “We urge Reddit’s management to reconsider the recent API pricing change, finding a compromise that allows third-party app developers to continue contributing to this platform’s success.”

For more, check out Gizmodo. 

Hawaii Restaurant Close Due to Gas Workers Strike 

With a strike of over 200 Hawaii Gas workers on strike entering their second week, some Hawaii restaurants are being forced to close due to the lack of getting propane gas tanks. 

“It’s damaging because they’re saying the service won’t be interrupted however, that’s not the case and I’m extremely disappointed because of Hawaii Gas not having a contingency plan to assist with this,” one restaurant owner told KHON. 

For more, check out KHON. 

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