University of Texas Faculty Strike – Alabama Amazon Workers Could Vote Again

University of Texas students face off against police (Texas Tribune)


Greetings from the Burgh, where I took a couple days off after a wild couple of weeks

In the last three weeks, I covered the capture of the killers of Marielle Franco in Rio de Janeiro, the historic UAW election at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, and the re-election of Summer Lee in Pittsburgh.

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University of Texas Faculty Strike in Solidarity with Student 

Yesterday, images of the Texas Department of Public Safety beating anti-war protestors at the University of Texas went viral. Now, faculty at the University are striking until the Texas police authorities are removed from campus. 

“There can be no business as usual when our campus is occupied by city and state troopers, who are preventing our students from engaging in first amendment rights,” said a group of faculty supporting the strike. 

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Amazon Alabama Workers May Vote to Unionize Again 

The momentum could keep going down south as workers may be gearing up for another vote at Amazon in Bessemer, Alabama

In 2021, workers at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama lost a union election by a margin of 2-to-1. In 2022, the workers voted again, but the vote has never been counted as both the company and the union have challenged more than 300 ballots. 

Now two years later, the union may get its second chance at an election. From NPR: 

Now, the NLRB judge will review the 311 ballots that are still uncounted. Both sides have filed other objections to the vote, accusing each other of breaking rules. The judge will consider that too.

Also on the agenda is an order by a regional NLRB director issued last year. It alleges that Amazon had violated labor laws, including by interrogating, surveilling and threatening pro-union workers, plus setting “overly broad” restrictions on workers’ access to the warehouse in their off hours.

Witnesses will begin to testify on Monday and continue into July.

What the judge decides could either establish the outcome of the last union election or set that election aside in favor of yet another do-over. Given high turnover at Amazon warehouses, this rerun would be the first time many current workers would have a chance to vote.

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