UAW Escalates Strike Action Against Ford & GM, but Spares Stellantis – 25,000 Autoworkers Now on Strike

GM workers in Lansing walk out as autoworkers strike grows to 25,000 out of 146,000 autoworkers. (Katy Kildee, The Detroit News)


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UAW Escalates Strike Action Against Ford & GM, but Spares Stellantis 

Today, the UAW announced they decided to escalate strike action at GM and Ford but not at Stellantis. 

The union will walk out at Ford Assembly Chicago and Lansing Delta, growing the strike from 17,000 autoworkers to 25,000 out of 146,000 potential autoworkers at the Big Three. 

UAW President Shawn Fain told Automotive News that the union would escalate strike action at Stellantis. Still, at 10 A.M., the UAW received an updated counter proposal from Stellantis. The union, then, decided not to escalate strike action against Stellantis this week. 

“We are excited about this momentum at Stellantis and hope it continues,” Fain told reporters. 

Last week, UAW President Shawn Fain publicly declined to escalate against Ford, citing that the company was progressing. However, this Friday, Fain blasted Ford. 

“We gave Ford a comprehensive proposal on Monday and still haven’t heard back,” Fain told reporters. 

For more, check out Dave Jamieson at HuffPost. 

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