Podcast: Payday Report Mercedes Union Leader in Alabama Predicts Landslide Victory

Since the late 1990s, UAW Local 149 Vice President Kirk Garner has been involved in efforts to unionize at Mercedes in Vance, Alabama. Now, after the 73% victory at Volkswagen in April, the union says that it is cruising to victory.

“It feels really good. And it’s finally coming to fruition. And we’re excited, everybody’s excited, ready to vote,” says Garner, who predicts that approximately 70% of his co-workers at Mercedes support the UAW. 

Mercedes union organizers say that the news of the massive victory is helping building their support as they head for election.

“Everybody’s excited,” says Garner. “We’re making calls this week to some of the undecided people, and we’re getting good responses from them. Volkswagen was able to get, you know, some people that hadn’t signed up, to vote for the union.”