Pharmacist Organizing Forces Walgreens to Give Thanksgiving Off – LAX Workers Strike During Peak Holiday Traffic – Macy’s Workers to Strike on


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Pharmacist Organizing Forces Walgreens to Give Thanksgiving Off

Across the United States, pharmacists have been increasingly organizing, engaging in wildcat strikes, and winning changes. Last month, the Machinists union even launched the Pharmacist Guild. 

In response to their organizing, Walgreens has agreed to close most of their pharmacies for Thanksgiving.

“This is clearly a reaction to pharmacy professionals coming together to unionize with The Pharmacy Guild,” said the Pharmacists Guild in a statement. “While Walgreens is finally starting to consider the work-life balance disparity of their pharmacy employees, it is short-lived and does not address underlying problems.” 

For more, check out the Pharmacists Guild. 

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LAX Workers Strike During Peak Holiday Traffic 

Many passengers passing through LAX airport this holiday weekend may be hungry as hundreds of concession workers have gone on strike, demanding higher wages. 

“With the amount of money that we make, we’re not able to live comfortably,” Joshawa Nichols told KCRW. “I’m constantly having to struggle between which bills to pay or which is more important. And honestly, I just feel like I shouldn’t have to live that way.”

For more, check out KCRW. 

Macy’s Workers to Strike on Black Friday

Over 400 Macy’s workers plan to strike in Washington State on Black Friday. 

“They’ve worked us to death on skeletal staffing, and it’s just not fair,” Lisa Luick told the Guardian. “When we see that they’ve made all these billions, when they pledged to put money back into the business, they’re establishing 30 new stores. They have the Macy’s Day Parade, they have the fireworks. We’re angry, and even our customers comment on it.”

For more, check out the Guardian. 

Colorado Ski Patrollers Increasingly Unionizing 

Finally, as many hit the slopes this winter, ski patrol workers are increasingly unionizing. From the Colorado Public Radio: 

“It’s the most amazing job I’ve ever done,” Miller, 23, said. “Especially the medical side of it.” 

But the pay made it hard to balance life off of the mountain. Earning $18 an hour to start, he couldn’t afford rent in Nederland or Boulder, the two closest towns to the resort. So he got a space in Longmont, commuting over an hour to work each morning. 

While on the clock, the resort often felt understaffed, Miller said. He didn’t qualify for overtime pay until he’d worked at least 56 hours a week – a federal rule for seasonal businesses. He said the job also didn’t come with health insurance during the first year. 

Burnout set in quickly. Patrollers who had worked on the mountain for decades told him the high cost of living and the stresses of seasonal work were nothing new. 

“They hadn’t really seen positive change,” said Miller, who is returning as a patroller again this season. “So that was what got me thinking that unionization might be the best way forward.”

For more, check out Colorado Public Radio. 

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