Donna Edwards for Prez in 2020 – Postal Workers Wildcat Strike in Richmond – Lipton Tea Workers Ratify Their First Contract

“I love Donna!!! I would love to see her as a 2020 candidate,” writes political strategist Bridget Todd, host of the hit podcast “Stuff Mom Never Told You.” “A lot of people are circling the wagons around Harris (who I also love) but Edwards got so much love from Black folks down south! I think Donna could do anything, winning a primary included!”

Breaking: UAW Files For Historic Union Vote at Nissan in Mississippi

“If we can win here at Nissan, you will give a tremendous bolt of confidence to working people all over this country,” Bernie Sanders told the crowd of 5,000. “If you can stand up to a powerful multinational corporation in Canton, Mississippi, workers all over this country will say, ‘We can do it, too.’”

Tom Perez Stumbles on Pledge to Eliminate Unpaid Internships at the DNC

Could Tom Perez or his top lieutenants afford to shave $10 an hour from their own salaries to pay interns? Could its millionaire consultants be taxed a little to make sure interns get paid the minimum wage?” asks Ross Eisenbrey, a senior fellow at the union-funded Economic Policy Institute. “A party that claims to want a higher minimum wage should pay it to every employee—even those it calls interns.”