Foundation Offers $20,000 Matching Donation to Cover Unions in Swing States in 2024 Election

Payday Report Founder Mike covering a historic strike at GM in 2019 while the UAW's leadership was getting ready to go jail (Payday Report)
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Massive news from Virginia today, where 27,000 teachers and school staff voted by a margin of 9-to-1 to unionize. It’s the largest teachers union election in 25 years and will add to the growing momentum already in Virginia. (See our story)

Virginia is a key battleground and the growing union movement there can only help the Democratic Party as we head into the November election. Over the past couple of years, the labor movement has added tens of thousands of union members, building political power for workers to fight back in a crucial swing state like Virginia. 

As we head into a brutal 2024 election, Payday wants to focus on unions organizing and fighting back against facism in the battleground states. Union organizing and the growing strength of the labor movement is gonna be crucial to beating Trump. 

Illumine Service Foundation has agreed to match all donations to Payday up to $20,000 for this special focus on how unions are fighting back in the battleground states ahead of the 2024 election. 

Every dollar donated up to $20,000 will be matched by Illumine Service Foundation as part of their multi-year process to help expand Payday’s reach. 

“Payday does such incredible work, particularly in news deserts,” says Illumine Service Foundation Executive Director Sanjay Rawal. “And as the country heats up for what I’m sure will be another hot labor summer, Payday once more is going to be at the forefront of how unions are fighting back in battleground states. Please join us in giving them your generous donations.”

Donate now because every dollar will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Payday wants to focus on how unions are fighting back in key battleground states like North Carolina, where collective bargaining is outlawed, but unions are organizing anyhow. 

We wanna focus on states in the Midwest like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio, where Biden’s investment in the electric vehicle industry and semiconductors has led to growth. 

We also wanna focus on Arizona, where the growing Latino population has led to an upsurge in the labor movement in that crucial swing state. 

Every donation given will be matched dollar for dollar until we have raised $20,000. 

Payday Report has always been ahead of the curve and we think that union (incomplete)

The Washington Post has credited Payday’s Strike Tracker as being the first to systematically track the strike wave from its beginning in March of 2022. The New York Times described us as a labor publication with “new energy” and our work with CNN was even nominated for an Emmy. 

We do high-input stories that the national media notices and our coverage of how unions are fighting back against fascism. It will likely inspire more coverage. 

Every dollar donated will be matched dollar for dollar so give if you can. 

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