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Over the past few days, many of our readers have written to ask and asked where they could find a picket line to walk in solidarity with The Writers Guild. The strike over 11,000 TV & Film writers has inspired the nation with many workers relating to the struggles of unionized writers fighting to save their jobs from the gig economy.

So, we made this map of picket lines so folks could see, where the closet picket line is and folks couldget down there to support the Writers Guild.

Most of the picket lines are in New York City and LA. However, there have been picket lines in Atlanta, North Carolina, and Chicago, and anyone that Writers Guild members are employed on film projects that happen all over the country.

Check out the map here and find your local picket line

Submit a picket line here online with our Google Doc form. Payday has helped strike like this one-woman picket line at Warner Brother Universal in Atlanta getting recognition. With remote work, there are TV writers in every part of the country.

If you have a problem using our form, you can email to [email protected]

For more information, read our newsletter on how far apart the studios and the unions are in this life-or-death struggle for many unionized TV and Film writers. Also, be sure to check out our newsletter on the difficulties that the strike is creating already for many studios

Finally, give listen to our podcast interview with “Big Bang Theory” writer Daley Haggar. Payday is providing regular updates and will continue to do so throughout the week.

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