Bolsonaros Flee in Boat As Israeli Intelligence Scandal Deepens in Brazil – UAW Hints at Election in Chattanooga at Volkswagen in 2024

Former fascist Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (second from left) was forced to turn over his passport after federal officials revealed his role in plotting a coup in Brasil (Jair Bolsonaro/Youtube0

Bolsonaros Flee in Boat As Israeli Intelligence Scandals Deepen in Brazil – UAW Hints Chattanooga Volkswagen 3rd Union Election is Near. 


Greetings from Joáo Pessoa, the easternmost point in the Americas, where I’ve been working hard on getting a subtitles person so I can start presenting our interviews in Portuguese with subtitles in English.

Bolsonaros Flee in Boat As Israeli Intelligence Scandal Deepens in Brazil 

Earlier today, the Brazilian Federal Police (PF) raided the Angra dos Reis vacation residence of Rio City Councilman Carlos Bolsonaro, son of former fascist Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. 

The raid was part of a federal investigation into how the Bolsonaro Administration worked with Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) to spy on over 30,000 Brazilian dissidents illegally. Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, who has led a series of bold investigations and arrests against the Bolsonaro administration, signed the investigation’s warrant independent of the Lula administration. 

A fishing boat left the Bolsonaroos’s vacation compound shortly before the FP arrived. Former President Jair Bolsonaro, his son Rio City Councilman Carlos Bolsonaro, and his other son, Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, were aboard the boat. 

Some have claimed that the Bolsonaros fled in the fishing boat to dump sensitive materials that would implicate Israeli Intelligence. However, the Bolsonaros have argued that they were going out fishing and not dumping files related to their government’s possibly illegal involvement with Israeli Intelligence. 

The night before the Bolsonaros went on their unusual early morning oceanic fishing voyage, Jair Bolsonaro, wearing an Israeli soccer jersey, appeared on a live internet feed offering an “influencing coaching” service. 

For more, check out the feed of Brian Mier, the founder of Brasilwire. 

UAW Claims 10,000 Autoworkers Signed Cards at 13 Non-Union Automakers

Back in the US, the UAW claims they signed up 10,000 auto workers after leading a series of bold strikes this fall. 

That makes it pretty likely we could see union elections this year at Toyota, Volkswagen,” tweeted Washington Post labor reporter Lauren Kaori Gurley. “The union says workers are nearing majority sign-up at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tenn., and at Mercedes in Vance, Ala,”

For more on the UAW’s push in the South, check out Common Dreams. 

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