6,000 Kansas Aerospace Workers Strike – After Threatening to Cut 275 Jobs, 1,400 UE Members Walkout in Erie – UAW Strike at Big 3 Likely 

UE members won the "right-to-strike" in a 2-month long strike (UE)


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1,400 UE Members Walk Out at Wabtec in Erie 

Yesterday, over 1,400 UE members went on strike at Wabtec’s locomotive plant in Erie. The strike comes as workers push for the full renewal of the “right to strike” over grievances. 

(See our preview of the strike here)

During contract talks, Wabtec repeatedly threatened to cut 275 jobs from the Erie plant if UE went on strike over the right to renew “right to strike” over grievances fully. Undeterred by the threat, the UE decided to strike anyhow. 

“While the union is working hard to bring new work into the plant and new jobs to Erie through our Green Locomotive Project, the company is refusing to work with us on this project, and is instead holding the community of Erie hostage with the threat of moving work,” said UE Local 506 President Scott Slawson. “We will not give in to their blackmail.” 

Donations for the strike fund can be made here.

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6,000 Kansas Aerosystems Workers Strike 

Earlier this week, Spirit AeroSystems and the Machinists reached a tentative agreement. However, workers rejected the contract overwhelmingly, with 85% voting in favor of striking. 

Workers say that they are striking over increasing healthcare costs and the failure of the company to offer raises that keep up with inflation. 

“It just feels like a big kick in the teeth. It really does,” Spirit worker T.J. Tovar told KSNW. “And so, if it’s me, imagine people that have children with special needs that need those special medications that aren’t covered anymore—that’s a big deal. I know there are people, I get it; they live paycheck to paycheck. It’s kind of a tough decision, but I feel like, again, it’s a no-brainer.”

For more on the strike, check out KSNW. 

UAW Strike at Big 3 Likely 

Business analysts predict that the likelihood of a strike at one of the big 3 is very likely as the UAW has built up an $825 million strike fund. From the Detroit News: 

According to comments made Wednesday by John Murphy, managing director and lead U.S. auto analyst in equity research at Bank of America, during the financial institution’s annual “Car Wars” presentation. The event was hosted by the Automotive Press Association.

“I think we’re going to see a strike on Sept. 15,” said Murphy. The UAW’s current contracts with Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., and Stellantis NV expire Sept. 14. Talks on a new agreement are slated to start this summer. Murphy said he’s highly confident in at least one strike happening and that the chances of a subsequent strike at one of the other automakers are “much higher than normal.”

For more, check out the Detroit News. 

After Repealing Water Break Rule, Postal Workers Dies in Texas Heat 

Finally, Texas recently repealed a law that requires water breaks for workers exposed to extreme heat. Just a postal worker Eugene Gates Jr, a 66-year-old postal worker, died in a 115 heat index. Gates was a 36-year veteran of the Postal Service. 

“On behalf of NALC, I send my deepest sympathies to Brother Gates’s family, friends and colleagues,” National Association of Letter Carriers President Brian L. Renfroe said in a statement. “Eugene was a dedicated letter carrier with a long and successful Postal Service career. He will be greatly missed by everyone, particularly his fellow branch members and customers.”

For more on Gates, read the USA Today. 

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