51% of GM Workers Have Voted Against UAW Deal w/ over 17,000 Votes Cast

GM workers in Lansing walk out as autoworkers strike grows to 25,000 out of 146,000 autoworkers. (Katy Kildee, The Detroit News)


Greetings from the Burgh, where I just wrapped up a three-day documentary film shot and wanted to bring you a quick update on the GM contract, which increasingly looks like it will be voted down. 

GM Workers Poised to Vote Down UAW Contract 

Last month, UAW President Shawn Fain was rebuked when 5,000 Mack Truck workers voted down a tentative agreement crafted by Fain. Now, it appears increasingly likely that GM workers are poised to vote down a tentative agreement once again. 

With 17,000 GM workers out of 46,000 GM workers have voted so far, 51% of all GM production workers nationwide have voted against the deal, according to a tracker run by Automotive News. Increasingly, the “no vote” movement is gaining momentum within the UAW

Last week, a majority of 4,460 at GM’s Flint plant voted against the contract. Today, it was announced that 62% of the 2,100 workers at GM’s Lansing Delta plant voted no. It was also announced today that 68% of the 3,900 workers at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee plant voted no. 

While the UAW has publicly touted that their proposed GM contract includes a 25% wage increase, the contract cuts many popular bonuses. 

Workers will no longer receive an annual $1,500 performance and quality bonuses. More significantly, when GM workers struck in 2019, they received an $11,000 signing bonus and full-back pay for their time on strike. Now, workers will receive only a $5,000 signing bonus plus back pay when they return to work. 

Many UAW members are also upset that GM workers who moved away from Lordstown, Ohio, to take jobs elsewhere will not be guaranteed their jobs if they decide to return to Lordstown. Only GM workers who did not leave Lordstown will be guaranteed the right to return to GM’s electric car battery plant. 

Furthermore, UAW President Shawn Fain initially promised they would win the right to work only four days a week for the same pay. However, the proposed contract does not even contain provisions against forced overtime. 

Insiders say that UAW President Shawn Fain has mishandled the ratification process by ordering UAW members to return to work before the ratification vote process is finished. 

Previously, the UAW allowed members time to study the contract before voting on it and deciding to return to work, creating a situation where members increasingly feel betrayed by their union leadership and are voting no. 

“If you overpromise and under deliver, it’s always gonna come back to haunt you,” one senior UAW official told Payday Report. “Where you have social media, you can reach a lot of people in a hurry, and that’s been a huge game changer.” 

While it remains unclear whether or not the tentative agreement will pass at GM, 81% of Stellantis members have so far voted for their agreement, and 66% of Ford workers have voted for their agreement. 

Payday will have more updates tomorrow. 

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