Payday Has Done More Stories on UAW fight at VW in Chattanooga


With the UAW filing for a new election at Volkswagen today after the National Labor Relations Board and a new election date to be set within months, the stakes are set for one of the largest showdowns in labor history.

So far, Payday has lead all national publication; filing 12 stories on the Battle in Chattanooga and even scored an exclusive interview with the notorious union buster Rick Berman on how he plans to defeat the UAW at VW.

As a labor reporter, there has been no story that I have been more obsessed with in my entire career than the struggle of workers at Chattanooga.

I was there when they narrowly lost by only 43 votes in 2014. I moved down there in 2016 for a year while working on my book “The Labor Reporter’s Panic”, which focuses heavily on the fallout and fightback of Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga.

Over a period of 5 years, I’ve written over 30 articles on the struggle of Volkswagen workers for justice in Chattanooga.

I can’t tell you how bad as a labor reporter I wanna be in this fight, but I need to pay bills in order to do it.

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EXCLUSIVE: Union-Buster Rick Berman on His Anti-UAW Strategy at VW in Chattanooga  – April 25th, 2019

BREAKING: Trump NLRB Cancels UAW Vote at Volkswagen in Chattanooga – May 22, 2019

Unprecedented Rally for VW Workers in Chattanooga Buoys Support for UAW –  MAY 21, 2019

BREAKING: Trump NLRB Places Hold on Union Election at VW as UAW Cries Foul – May 3, 2019

UAW Accuses Tenn. Gov of Hypocrisy in Anti-Union Remarks at VW Plant – April 30, 2019

Volkswagen Seeks to Delay Union Election Until 2020 – April 26, 2019

Volkswagen Launches “Passive-Aggressive” Anti-Union Campaign As Dark Money Floods into Chattanooga – April 22, 2019

UAW Has Majority Support at VW – April 12, 2019

Toxic Masculinity and the Anti-Union Campaign at Volkswagen in Chattanooga in 2014 – April 11, 2019

Why Payday’s Logo Has a Heart Over Chattanooga? – April 10, 2019

UAW Files for New Union Election at Volkswagen in Chattanooga for 1,700 Workers – April 9, 2019

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Mike Elk
Mike Elk is an Emmy-nominated labor reporter and alumni of the Guardian. In addition to filing nearly 2,000 stories from 46 states, Elk traveled with Lula from Sáo Bernando do Campos all the way to the Oval Office in the White House. Credited by the Washington Post for being the first reporter to track the strike wave systematically, Elk started Payday Report using his NLRB settlement from being illegally fired for union organizing in 2015. He lives in his hometown of Pittsburgh and works frequently in Rio de Janeiro, where he attended college at PUC-Rio. He speaks both Portuguese and Pittsburghese fluently. His email is [email protected]

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