388 Minors Found Illegally Working for Mcdonald’s – 5,000 Commercial TV Producers Unionize – GM Announces 39% Profit Surge as Strike Deadline Looms

The Department of Labor (DOL) has found that 388 minors have been illegally employed at McDonald's franchises throughout the United States. (Getty Images)


Greetings from the Burgh, where over 100 animal humane society workers have just moved to unionize with the Steelworkers Union. 

100 Human Society Workers Unionize in Pittsburgh

Today, over 100 Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh (HARP) announced that they were organizing with the Steelworkers Union, which has been organizing non-profit workers around Pittsburgh. The workers say their employer (HARP) isn’t respecting them. 

“HARP’s leadership frequently and loudly expresses to its employees how important our work is, yet this apparent appreciation is not adequately reflected in our pay or benefits,” Sharif Khan, a Wildlife Rehabilitator at HARP, said in a statement released by the Steelworkers. 

For more, check out the Tribune Review.

388 Minors Found Illegally Working for Mcdonald’s since May

There has been skyrocketing child labor abuse in the US, with child labor law violations increasing by 283% between 2015-2023, increasing by 37% last year alone, according to the Department of Labor Statistics. 

The Department of Labor (DOL) has found that 388 minors have been illegally employed at McDonald’s franchises throughout the United States. DOL even found that two 10-years old “were found working without pay at a McDonald’s in Louisville, where they prepared and served meals, worked the drive-thru, the cash register, cleaned the store, and sometimes worked as late as 2 a.m”. 

For more on the landmark investigation, check out McClatchy. 

5,000 Commercial TV Producers Unionize with IATSE

In one of the largest union elections this year, IATSE announced that 5,000 commercial TV producers employed by the Association of Indepedent Commercial Producers had won voluntary recognition. 

“The Stand With Production group is also set to become the largest contingent of production department workers and entry-level Production Assistants within IATSE. While “crew” positions like Production Designers/Art Directors, Camera Operators, Hair and Makeup Artists, Script Supervisors, Grips, Lighting, Props, and Paint have historically been represented on TV commercial sets by IATSE, workers in the production department historically have not” said IATSE in a statement. “IATSE has announced it plans to charter a new national Local Union for these workers.”

For more, check out IATSE. 

GM Announces 39% Profit Surge as Strike Deadline Looms.

This week, General Motors announced that their profits had increased by 39% to $3.2 billion last quarter. Additionally, the company announced that its quarterly total revenue raised to $44.7 billion, the highest its revenue has been since its bankruptcy in 2009. 

With GM doing well and their contract expiring on September 15th, UAW warns that it is prepared to strike for fairer wages. In 2019, the UAW went on strike for more than five weeks and said it was prepared to go again. 

“GM executives have closed 31 plants over the last 20 years and are now enriching themselves through joint venture battery plants that get billions from the federal government in taxpayer subsidies but pay poverty wages,” UAW President Shawn Fain said in a statement. “It’s long past time for GM to pony up, end tiers, pay their employees competitive wages that keep up with the cost of living and provide everyone the ability to retire with dignity.”

For more on the looming threat of a strike at GM, check out NPR.

Studios Declined to Restart Negotiations with SAG-AFTRA

As a new report by Hollywood Reporter, studios are hoarding records amount of cash with no production going on, the studio association, AMPTP, is refusing to sit down for contract negotiations with the 160,000 striking members of SAG-AFTRA. 

“We want to get back to doing the work we love,” SAG-AFTRA wrote on Twitter. “We are ready to get back to bargaining and have asked the AMPTP to return to the table. They have declined.”

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Teamsters Warn of Sour Cream Shortage at Taco Bell 

Finally, the Teamsters are warning of a shortage of sour cream at Taco Bell. The shortage is caused by an ongoing strike at New Dairy Select Milk, demanding their employees pay more for healthcare. 

“We’re encouraging Taco Bell customers to reach out to the company’s leadership and demand that their suppliers treat these hardworking men and women with the dignity and respect they deserve,” said Peter Finn, Teamsters Western Region Vice President, in a statement. “Borden Dairy’s actions are irrational, irresponsible and bad for business.”

For more, check out the Teamsters website. 

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