1,900 Amazon Seattle Office Workers Walkout – 10,000 Florida Healthcare Workers Refusing Overtime – Alabama College Football Coach Calls for Unionizing

Amazon workers gather for a rally during a walkout event at the company's HQ in Seattle on 31 May 2023. (Photograph: David Ryder/Getty Images)


Greetings from the Burgh as we gear up for a massive 1,500-person UE strike up the road in Erie. Our editor just finished looking at the story, and we will look at the coming strike in Erie in the morning. 

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1,900 Amazon Seattle Office Workers to Walkout 

Today, in Seattle, over 1,000 Amazon office workers walked out over the company’s mandate that workers come into the office at least 3-times-a-week. 

“Employees need a say in decisions that affect our lives such as the RTO mandate, and how our work is being used to accelerate the climate crisis,” organizers wrote online. “Our goal is to change Amazon’s cost/benefit analysis on making harmful, unilateral decisions that are having an outsized impact on people of color, women, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable people.”

For more, check out KIRO. 

10,000 Florida Healthcare Workers to Refuse Overtime

For the next five days, over 10,000 Florida healthcare workers, members of SEIU, employed at HCA, are refusing to work voluntary overtime at 19 hospitals owned by HCA. The workers say they are doing it to protest understaffing at the hospital chain. 

“On-call and overtime are for emergency situations you cannot predict,” 1199SEIU Florida President Roxey Nelson told the Tampa Bay Times. “If you’re using them all the time, it’s not an emergency — it’s a failure of management.”

For more, check out the Tampa Bay Times. 

Alabama Football Coach Calls for Unionizing College Football

Finally, Alabama football head coach Nick Sabian, who won the national championship seven times, called for college football to unionize this week. 

“Unionize it, make it like the NFL,” Saban said at the recent SEC Spring meetings. “Make it the same for everyone. Everything they do for NFL is to create parity. If they have every team at 8-8 going into final week of the season, the NFL would love it.”

For more, check out the Yardbarker.

Strikes & News Elsewhere

Alright, yinz, I’m going to bed – we will have more tomorrow. 

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