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Watch: Payday em Portugues em Canton, Mississippi – Brazilian Autoworkers Speak Out Against Nissan

(Emre Yagci)

“Get up, Get Down, Canton is a union town” shouted dozens of UAW activists outside of Nissan plant’s gates on Thursday.

The onslaught of TV ads and one-on-one anti-union meetings began taking their effect. Many activists knew that they were going to lose, but the carnival atmosphere of the demonstration seemed to offer a brief respite.

Carlos Albino, President of the  Brazilian Mitsubishi metalworkers union, dressed up as a bear mascot and danced to entertain the crowd.

“We will win someday because the bosses can never take away the happiness that we feel here,” says Paulo Pissinini, a Renault Nissan union activists from Curitiba, Brazil. “They can never take over our happiness”. 

Watch Payday Senior Labor Reporter Mike Elk (a Brazilian Portuguese speaker) interviews Brazilian autoworkers about how labor rights conditions are worse in Brasil than the United States.