New York Times Cites Our Coverage of GM Strike

UAW members picket in Rochester, New York (Zach D. Roberts)

Payday is having a huge impact on national coverage of the GM strike.

Today, the New York Times’ David Leonhardt in an op-ed entitled “Why I Am Rooting for the GM Strikers” cited our work (co-published with the American Prospect) on the GM strike and how union corruption sunk the union drive in Chattanooga, which builds on the work Payday did down south earlier this summer. 

Not only is the New York Times citing us, but our work at Payday is going viral. One photo, we took of GM workers taking their position on picket line Sunday night in Rochester got over a MILLION views on twitter. The post was translated into over a dozen languages, garnering nearly 4,000 retweets and over 12,000 likes. 

The readers of Payday Report with their generous donations are making this possible. Now, we are the way on our way to Ohio to get more stories. Pass the hat and donate today. 

We will have another story out later today, but first check out this funny video we took of a pro-union cop talking with striking workers blocking a union buster from leaving the plant. 

Once again, pass the hat and donate today. 

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A Sidney-award winning labor reporter, Mike Elk is the founder of Payday Report and also covers labor and immigration for The Guardian. In 2015, he was illegally fired for union organizing as Politico’s senior labor reporter and used his $70,000 NLRB settlement to start Payday. The son of United Electrical Workers (UE) Director of Organization Gene Elk, he lives in his hometown of Pittsburgh He can be reached at

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