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Mike Elk, Senior Labor Reporter & Founder

As a labor reporter, Mike Elk has spent more hours on the road then any other labor reporter of his generation; covering the wave of teachers’s strike in states across the country, living in the South covering union drives at Nissan and Volkswagen, the lockouts at Honeywell, the Wisconsin uprising, and even covering the drug war in Brasil.

Fired illegally during the union drive at Politico in 2015, Elk then used his $70,000 NLRB settlement to found Payday Report, which now receives  donations from over 900 subscribers. 

In addition to work his work at Payday, Elk also covers labor and immigration issues for the Guardian.
As an investigative reporter, Elk’s work has been cited on the front page of the New York Times and has even praised by Whoopi Golderg on ABC’s “The View”. Obama Administration Disability Official Ari Ne’eman credited Elk’s exposes for playing a key role persuading the Obama Administration to end of the use of the subminimum wage for disabled workers on federal contracts.

A native of a UE union family from Pittsburgh, Elk credits his success as a labor reporter to his education in a racially diverse setting at Woodland Hills, the last school district in Pennsylvania under a federal integration order.

He can be reached at melk@paydayreport.com or on Twitter @MikeElk.