Director’s Guild Cuts Deal While Writers Guild Stay on Strike – Port Workers Walk Out Across the West Coast – Gannett Journalists Walkout Across the Country 

Nearly a million workers could go on strike this summer in the US ((Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

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Last week, Payday previewed a strike of 1,500 locomotive workers that is likely to happen this week in Erie. With the contract starting to expire on Friday, Payday is hoping to come up quickly this week to cover the likely strike. 

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Director’s Guild Cuts Deal While Writers Guild Stay on Strike 

The leaders of the 19,000-member Director’s Guild have announced that they have reached a tentative agreement. 

“We have concluded a truly historic deal,” said Jon Avnet, chair of the DGA’s Negotiations Committee said in a statement. “It provides significant improvements for every Director, Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager, Associate Director and Stage Manager in our Guild. In these negotiations we made advances on wages, streaming residuals, safety, creative rights and diversity, as well as securing essential protections for our members on new key issues like artificial intelligence – ensuring DGA members will not be replaced by technological advances” 

For more, check out Deadline. 

Port Workers Walk Out Across the West Coast 

As talk between the longshore union and the major shippers heat up Frustrated by management’s refusal to meet wage increase demands, many longshore workers refuse to show up for work on Friday; shutting down port terminals up and down the coast

Longshore workers unions say that they will continue to resist the lowball wage rates being offered by the shippers.

“We aren’t going to settle for an economic package that doesn’t recognize the heroic efforts and personal sacrifices of the ILWU workforce that lifted the shipping industry to record profits,” ILWU President Willie Adams said in a press release. 

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Gannett Journalists Walkout Across the Country 

Finally, Gannett journalists at nearly a dozen newspapers have walked out across the country. The walkout comes as Gannett continues to downsize newspapers across the country. 

“You have communities that go uncovered, and when things go uncovered it allows people to abuse their positions,” Kaitlyn Kanzler, a reporter for and The Record in northern New Jersey told the New York Times. 

For more, check out the New York Times. 

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