18,000 Las Vegas Teachers Prepare to Illegaly Walkout – 7,000 NYC School Bus Drivers Could Strike – Youngstown Teachers Win Republican Support

Teachers in Clark County, Nevada are refusing to work overtime & preparing to strike (Clark County Education Assocation)

Greetings from Sao Paulo, where Payday is preparing to go out to a Landless Workers Movement Settlement later in the day. However, I wanted to update you on the increase in teachers’ strikes that we are seeing as the school year begins. 

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18,000 Las Vegas Teachers Prepare to Walkout

In Las Vegas-area Clark County, over 18,000 teachers are preparing to strike. The teachers are upset that money set aside by the state to give teachers significant raises isn’t being used for that purpose. 

Since teachers are not allowed to strike in Nevada, formal dates have yet to be set for a strike. However, teachers say they are prepared to begin engaging in walkouts unless something is done. 

Teachers say they are refusing to work overtime until the situation is resolved. They are now asking that Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo intervene to resolve the dispute. 

“It is reflective of a statewide problem right now. We have a crisis of vacancies, and it is not being addressed. The governor and the legislature passed money to address that, and it is not happening,” Clark County Education Association President John Vellardita told KTNV. “So we are asking for that intervention.”

For more, check out KTNV. 

7,000 NYC School Bus Drivers Could Strike 

With school beginning on September 7th, over 7,000 bus drivers are threatening to strike in New York City. In a city with one of the highest living costs in the US, school bus drivers’ wages start at only $ 22 an hour. 

“The school bus has to become a career again,” ATU Local 1181-1061 President Tomás Fret told WABC. 

For more, check out WABC. 

Striking Youngstown Teachers Win Support from Republican State Senator 

Finally, over 400 teachers are entering their second week of striking in Youngstown. The strike has drawn support not just from Democrats like Senator Sherrod Brown but also from Republican State Senator Michael Ruilli. 

Ruilli said that he supports the right of teachers to maintain seniority in union contracts. 

“I support the teachers 100% in this strike. I feel that the narrative of the administration has been a little misleading, where they say it’s only about money where in reality, it’s just about the language,” said State Senator Michael Rulli at a rally. 

For more, check out WKBN. 

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