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Politico Cites Payday Investigation on SEIU Sexual Assault


This week was a big week for us as my former employer Politico, which illegally fired me for union organizing in 2015, cited Payday’s reporting on sexual assault cover-ups in SEIU.

Our investigation reporting won national attention and I say our reporting because of of the hundreds of readers, who have given to Payday over the past year, made it possible. More than money, y’all given encouragement to push on mornings like today when I wake up and my checking account is in the negative.

This past week, we as a publication funded by readers got an SEIU staffer, who sexually assaulted another staff, fired and banned from the union. We also exposed a system of hiring within SEIU that allowed a staffer, who sexually assaulted a staffer in one local, to simply move to another local.

Over the past year, we have done so much together as a publication.

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for our readers. We have covered 130 stories and uncovered stories of labor rights abuse and courageous organizing that the rest of the press neglects

In 2018, we plan to do even more.

So this Black Friday, don’t spend money on gifts, spend it on labor reporting, its a bargain when you consider what a great investment it is.

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In solidarity,

Mike Elk