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(Payday Report’s Mike Elk on Democracy Now talking about the West Virginia’s Teachers’ Strike)

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We can help here at Payday to start a conversation about what solidarity between readers and labor reporters looks like.

Three years ago, when I was fired at Politico for union organizing, I faced the blacklist and so many of you felt that I deserved another chance, so we built a publication that has covered more than 220 stories in the last two years.

We got a union staffer fired for sexual misconductforced the DNC to pay its internspent more time on the ground covering the Nissan union election than any other publication, and were the only national publication on the left that was on the ground for the teachers strikes in West VirginiaOklahomaArizona, and North Carolina.

Our solidarity has done incredible things in telling the stories of so many and has slowly helped build the foundation for a new generation of online labor publications built by workers to tell the story of workers.

We aren’t gonna lie folks, we will need money.  (DONATE HERE And everybody who donates to Payday will get a free signed copy of Steve Early’s hit book, “Refinery Town”

Spread the word, let’s build a model here at Payday of reader-labor reporter solidarity that can help spark a movement to have deeper conversations about what rebuilding the labor press looks like.

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Mike Elk is the co-founder of Payday Report and also covers labor and immigration for the Guardian. A member of the Newspaper Guild,  he was illegally fired for union organizing as Politico’s senior labor reporter in August of 2015 and used his $70,000 NLRB settlement to start Payday Report.  He now resides in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa, fifteen minutes from the UE union household where he grew up