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In Chattanooga, Tennessee, we founded Payday Report in March of 2016 using a $25,000 investment from Payday Senior Labor Reporter Mike Elk’s NLRB settlement from being illegally fired at POLITICO. Since then, we have raised over $30,000 dollars directly from our readers. While we raised $18,000 in one time contributions, only $1,384 of our donations are in recurring monthly and yearly donations. Become a monthly sustaining donor of Payday today so we can focus on reporting instead of fundraising. Just check out the work that we have done when we had to spend 1/3 of our time fundraising and imagine how much more we could do with the sustainable monthly base of donors:

Help Us Reach Our Monthly Goal

$0 / $1,000

We are a community supported labor reporting project. We depend on our readers to be able to tell the stories of workers in the South. Become a monthly supporting reader today and help us spend more time

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